In 2014,CAP opened a joint education program with Jeju Tourism University in South Korea on flight Attendant major. This program is examined and approved by Sichuan Provincial Department of Education and put on record in the Ministry of Education of P.R.C. So far, the school has already cultivated 126 graduates. The principle of the program is to nurture such kind of talents with international horizon and professional skills by giving them premium teaching resources from both China and South Korea and further optimizing training plan and course system.

The schooling year of this program is 3 years. During cultivation period, 40 % of the course is face-to-face taught by Korean teachers. After completing all the courses, students can get diploma certificate from both CAP and Jeju Tourism University (certificates are officially approved by the Ministry of Education of P.R.C.). Moreover, the students can get a chance to be recommended to do internship and work in South Korea or even accept further education in Jeju Tourism University or other Korean Universities in cooperative relationship with us.

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